Judy Chin

Sales Associate


Sold my home in Montclair NJ, Thankfully avoided foreclosure

"Judy Chin was a godsend. My wife and I had moved to another state for employment. We had walked away from our home in the middle of a long and unsuccessful loan remodification. We had prepared ourselves for the worst case scenario - foreclosure.

Judy contacted us and offered to help sell our home through a short sale. What she did was short of a miracle. By following her directives we were able to sell our home and get from underneath the cloud of financial uncertainty and back on the road of fiscal recovery.

Throughout the process, Judy was patient, encouraging, consistent and tenacious on our behalf with all third parties. She was able to facilitate the sale and we didn''''t even have to come back to the state at anytime during the process.

I wholeheartedly, unequivocally and proudly recommend Judy Chin to anyone who is having trouble with their mortgage and/or is in need of someone to guide them through the short sale maze. Judy is AMAZING!"

- AG, Montclair, NJ

Short saled home and moving forward in Jersey City NJ

"Judy is a gem!!! She is the epitome of a real estate guru!

She is very knowledgeable in the area of short sales and more than gets the job done. Short sales can be a very tricky process. But, Judy made the process very easy and explained EVERYTHING. She has very high integrity, which was important to us; and gave full disclosure where needed.

We were truly blessed to have her representing us. Her leadership and guidance was second to none!"

- JJ, Jersey City NJ

Realtor turned friend, serving the right way

"Judy is a realtor par excellence. We worked with her five years ago when we bought our condo and again this year when we were ready to upgrade to a house. Both times Judy was mindful of the fact that buying a home is a big decision and took the time to understand our needs. She was very patient and showed us many listings until she had a clear idea of what we were looking for. She is very patient and we never felt rushed into making a decision. She has a great sense of humor which helps if things get intense. We have come to look on Judy as a friend and would work with her again in a hearbeat. If you are looking for a partner and not a realtor in your hunt for a new home, we would highly recommend working with Judy."

- RT, Glen Ridge, NJ

Dream home found in Verona NJ

"Judy Chin has been gone above and beyond all expectations in my family's search for our dream home. As a first time buyer, my wife and I have been blessed to have Judy as our agent. Judy meticulously addressed all details in finding our home. During the search for our home, Judy was prompt, always available and very personable with all tasks accomplished. For 100% customer satisfaction, Judy Chin is a highly recommended agent."

- AF, Verona, NJ

Avoided Foreclosure in Newark NJ

"Judy is an amazing agent who works tirelessly to make sure her customer is taken care of. My property was in a bad shape, dilapidated, could not be sold for 7yrs till I met Judy, and in 4 months the property is SOLD!!!!! Hallelujah!! My problem, my nightmare is over. That was how good and dedicated and determinant Judy was. I saw an agent who has so much joy and pride in what she does, she is not driven by how much she was going to make because this property is worthless at the end of the day. Judy has won everything in my book, and that includes life time referral everywhere in the US. Now, I am free again to buy something including property. Thank you Judy Chin and God bless you."

- MA, Newark, NJ

Short Sale Help and $45k in Relocation Monies

"Judy Chin is absolutely a great resource for anyone looking to solve their financial difficulty via shortsale! I had the chance to work with her as I purchased a property thru shortsale. Over the course of few months she helped us to navigate the entire process, and we were able to do it with case, within a reasonable price and swiftly. On top of that, she was able to fight for the homeowner for a large relocation assistance from the bank (one of the largest amounts that I have ever known!). Most importantly, all of these were done with her highest professionalism and integrity.
Would definitely recommend Judy to anyone who needs someone who can get the shortsale done fairly and quickly."

- CW, Jersey City, NJ

From Brooklyn to NJ

"My grandmother decided to sell our house in Brooklyn. It was quite the emotional time for us, as she had been there for 40+ years. I went through a number of Realtors in the Jersey City/Bayonne area. A majority of them didn't really give me the time of day or were EXTREMELY pushy. Thankfully, I came across Judy. I reached out to her via Zillow, and within an hour or so she called me to really uncover my needs and find out exactly what I was looking for! She sat for over 45 minutes with me discussing the different areas in Hudson county and the various types of homes. I knew right away we had to go with Judy! She lined up a few houses for us to see, all of them met our criteria. She was not pushy in the slightest! If we saw something that we didn't like, she simply asked us if we wanted to proceed and if not, we moved onto the next house. Long story short, she is excellent at what she does! She really takes the time with each client and is not agressive, but still very business driven. I am so happy with the house we found!!! Judy truly helped us through an emotional time and made it SUCH A great experience!! I HIGHLY recommend using her!"

- DS, Bayonne, NJ

Local Knowledge & Patient

"Judy Chin is extremely knowledgeable of North Jersey real estate and passionate in delivering for her clients. She was very patient with us (she was showing houses to us for over 3 years) as we looked for just the right house and then moved quickly to win the deal on favorable terms. She also helped my mother-in-law sold her outdated house stress-free and timely. We highly recommend her to those looking for an ethical and honest agent that goes above and beyond."

- FW, Nutley, NJ

Sold Multi Family in Jersey City, NJ

"Judy was very professional and helped my family sell our house while our previous agent was not successful. She was forthright and honest through the process."

- BT, Jersey City, NJ